....the most important part of the sales process; getting in front of your prospects. 

The Appointment Setting workshop will enable your company to utilize proven methods for generating leads, overcome the massive fear of call reluctance, capitalize upon referrals, and secure more appointments with decision makers.

You will develop a complete appointment making approach as well as effective strategies for anticipating responses and handling issues in order to improve their team's closing ratios and goals.

Associates will create their own individual approach for qualifying and appointment setting, build key skills necessary in generating new business, and practice these newfound skills through phone coach role-playing to ensure successful application.

Introduction to Appointment Setting: 

  • Understand the Appointment MakingTechniques™ model
  • Lead Generation
  • Understand and utilize realistic call ratios
  • Learn effective methods of generating leads
  • Identify ways to obtain referrals
  • Review how to penetrate existing accounts
  • Develop approach for setting appointments
  • Introduce “opening” the conversation
  • Anticipating Responses/Handling Turnarounds
  • Review turnarounds of most common objections
  • Understand how to create the “Ledge”
  • Focus on closing the appointment