Russ & The Coach

“The Unprecedented Results Program.” That’s what Julian calls his practice.

I just turned 56, and by most accounts have had a successful career thus far and … I use a coach.

His name is Julian Cohen. An energetic, eclectic, wise and soon to be 86-year old coach who has made millions, lost millions, made it again and, all along the way, used himself as a living laboratory for growth. I debated about giving him a more expletive title like Life Coach, Business Coach, etc. but they are all too limiting. I’ve learned there are not lines between major segments of our lives…so he is a coach. 

I was introduced to Julian over 20 years ago when I was living in Seattle working for a Fortune 200 paper company as a General Manager. Julian and I worked together for about 5 years before parting ways until a year ago when “fate” brought us back together.

So why write about it now? The idea occurred during one of my recent weekly 30-minute phone sessions with Julian when I felt a strong urge to document and share our experience since I was getting an immense amount of value from our work.  Julian and I discussed the idea, decided to record our personal sessions, summarize them and put them out on an ongoing basis for no main reason other than to share.  

It is no mistake that “fate” brought Julian and me back together after a decade and a half apart. About this time last year, I quit a job running a company that made capital equipment for manufacturers. Wanting more, I decided to finally do my own thing. This was a world I knew very little about since, for the most part, I have always had a job. While I know about all aspects of business pretty well, I didn’t have experience on how to do business on my own. Then I got an email. Julian reached out to me after hearing from a mutual friend that I was starting on my own. Perfect timing. Lesson One – The Right People Always Show-Up At The Right Time. You just have to notice and act.

According to Julian the reason his clients use coaching is similar to mine: they are experiencing a void in their life, whatever they are doing is not satisfying, or they’ve reached the end of whatever success meant to them.

You may have picked up that I write as if we are almost one and the same. Coaching, as opposed to consulting, is a partnership. It is important to make the distinction between the two. Generally speaking, consultants bring a particular methodology/system/process with them that if you employ it, things might improve. Coaching is a holistic partnership where the combination of the two individuals results in guidance, wisdom and a collective consciousness that is unique. Over the past 25-years I have done fairly extensive personal development, primarily learning the individual transformation work of the great Will Schutz, PhD. and his closest associates. Bringing this unique perspective to the coaching party with Julian is unique, as it would be for every individual.

Calls with Julian are a freefall, which I find unnerving at times. I call him at 9AM on Tuesday. We never have an agenda. He says “Hello” and we are off.    

……..To Be Continued…… 

Russ Salzer is an accomplished business leader with over 25 years of expertise in building marketing, sales and operational teams, revitalizing infrastructure, developing and executing strategic plans, and driving businesses to greater levels of profitability. Russ’ knowledge of the interdependency of people on business results, combined with his ability to dramatically improve interpersonal relationships and develop teams, creates a competitive advantage that delivers rapid and sustainable results. His approach to success through even the most extraordinary challenges, has been to ensure the workplace is accountable, open and honest. He is currently on a mission to help businesses effectively support their marketing and sales teams in consistently growing top-line revenue with a proven and methodical process through 3YG Sales Training Technology. Contact Russ at 

Julian Cohen has more than two decades of experience in Executive Coaching. He is acknowledged for his skill in facilitating the expeditious realization of extraordinary results. His expertise includes coaching CEO's, Fortune 500 company senior managers, and prominent professionals. He attended New York University School of Commerce, with a major in Banking and Finance and holds a law degree from Brooklyn Law School. His professional experience includes the creation of a $60 million dollar investment portfolio and an entrepreneurial role in developing three innovative companies widely known within their industries. The depth and breadth of his community involvement extends over a 40-year span and currently involves voluntary work with international and locally known organizations. Contact Julian at