Label Traxx Introduces New Sales Prospect Management/CRM Tool

The right partner is the one that shares your vision for customer value. 3YG is proud to announce a partnership with Label Traxx, the premier provider of automated job management software systems for the printing industry. Our partnership will integrate 3YG’s Prospect Management CRM with Label Traxx, allowing us to offer label printers an effective way manage their sales pipeline and ultimately grow revenue.

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Label Traxx Introduces New Sales Prospect Management /CRM Tool

-- Sales Traxx designed to help label printers drive revenue growth --

Milwaukee, Wis. (March 2017) Label Traxx has partnered with sales training and technology provider 3YG to offer a new prospect management tool for label printers aimed at driving revenue growth through better management of the sales process. Sales Traxx™ provides customers with software as well as a proprietary sales method to deliver sales results that stand-alone CRM technology solutions do not deliver.  

“Sales management is the next logical step for our customers,” says Ken Meinhardt, Label Traxx President. “The core Label Traxx software and optional modules have helped users improve efficiencies throughout their operations. Now, Sales Traxx takes that same approach and applies an easy-to-use, systematic approach to the revenue side of the business.”

Label Traxx has provided business management software in the label converting segment since 1993 with modules from estimating and order processing to quality control, scheduling, and accounting. The new sales module uses a similar dashboard visual approach to provide an at-a-glance evaluation of your entire company’s sales pipeline, all the way down to the individual sales rep or prospect account, according to Meinhardt.

“This is about business development and driving revenue,” says Russ Salzer, 3YG owner. “Sales teams, like other aspects of your business can be coached, monitored, tracked and measured to better performance. A steady revenue stream alleviates a lot of other downstream issues in your business and provides the freedom necessary to do many things.”

The differentiator of Sales Traxx technology, however, is in the sales process that it is designed to support.

“Partnering with 3YG allows us to provide customers with hands-on sales team training to improve their sales process,” says Meinhardt. Customers who purchase the Sales Traxx prospect management system receive one-on-one sales training for managers, team training and three follow-up dashboard reviews. By the end of the training, users are working live in the software setting up their prospect and customer accounts.

“The common CRM solutions have it backwards,” says Salzer. “Placing a technical solution over a poor sales process does nothing to improve results. With Sales Traxx we ensure there is an effective, routine sales process and behaviors in place and then we support the behaviors and activity important to growing revenue with the technology. It’s the only way to achieve consistent, long-term results.”

For more information on the new Sales Traxx module, contact Russ Salzer at or Keith Grimm at

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About Label Traxx

Label Traxx is a software solutions company specializing in automated job management software systems for the printing industry. Label Traxx is a software company that services the narrow web flexo and digital label print industry with an end-to-end print ERP/MIS solution. Based in Milwaukee, WI, the 20+ year old company has over 400 customers worldwide. Ken Meinhardt and Dave Porter founded the company in 1993 and both remain active in the business today. Visit for more information.


About 3YG Sales Training Technology

3YG is a sales training and technology company that develops sales teams using a simple, intuitive process enhanced with a CRM solution. With a focus on revenue growth, the 3YG sales method results in more self-directed teams and clearly identifiable development opportunities. 3YG’s exclusive CRM technology provides a highly visual tool of both individual and sales team status that allows immediate diagnosis of the sales pipeline, as well as more accurate planning and forecasting.  The sales method used by 3YG has its roots based on the methodology introduced in 1979 by Stephan Schiffman and further developed by Steve Mulch. The company is based in Wisconsin. More information can be found at