3YG Inner Sales Podcast Series: Prospecting

I’ve always been interested in looking deeper into the elements of our psyche that propel us to success, or hold us back from achieving our goals. With this in mind, I have launched a new podcast series. INNER SALES is aimed at helping those responsible for driving revenue to connect with their own intuition to create a more successful and enlightened sales career.

In Episode 3, I am very pleased to introduce Judith Bell, Rewire Leadership Institute. Judith and I have teamed up to provide a solution to one of the most vital and problematic aspects of selling: prospecting.

You can access the first three episodes of INNER SALES Here:

Episode 1: What Can a Strong Operations Background Bring to Sales?

Episode 2: Are Salespeople Born or Made? 

Episode 3: Prospecting Intensive – Part 1

INNER SALES is my opportunity to take a deeper look into what it takes to drive revenue from the inside out. Regardless of your position in the company, if you have a vested interest in sales performance, I think you will find something of interest in the series.

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Judith Bell - Rewire Leadership Institute

Judith Bell - Rewire Leadership Institute