News Release: Prospecting Intensive™ Addresses Cold Calling Head-On

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Prospecting Intensive™

Addresses Cold Calling Head-On

-- Sales Training targets both conscious behaviors & unconscious beliefs --

 Oshkosh, Wis. (September 2018) – Russ Salzer, Owner of sales training and technology company, 3YG, has partnered with Judith Bell, owner of Rewire Leadership Institute®, to create a unique sales training aimed at assisting salespeople in overcoming the inherent resistance to prospecting  that is wired into the human brain. The Prospecting Intensive™ addresses both conscious behaviors and unconscious beliefs over an eight-week curriculum delivered in only a few hours each day.

Effective prospecting is essential to driving revenue growth, according to Salzer. At the same time, it is the task that most often falls to the bottom of the task list.

“To truly understand what is at the core of this challenge, we have to look under the surface of individual intentions, behaviors and performance,” says Salzer. “Most sales do not get closed, or even started, because of conscious and unconscious barriers, limiting beliefs and fears, whether we are aware of it or not.”

The best of intentions is not enough to overcome the resistance to prospecting that is built into our own human nature, according to Bell.

“The human brain is wired to avoid pain. And the thought of doing something that might not reap rewards, or might end in rejection, is enough to make people create patterns of avoidance.” says Bell. “The Prospecting Intensive will teach participants how to start changing their beliefs about themselves so they can handle the stress or perceived ‘rejection’ registered by the thought of prospecting.”

Bell provides coaching and self-development tools while Salzer provides sales training, techniques and technology for process improvement. The unique curriculum work in tandem to improve prospecting results.

“The training is designed to maximize learning, retention and lasting behavior change,” says Salzer. “Because participants provide and work from their own list of prospects, the curriculum is incorporated into your day. It is not intended to take time out of your day.”

The Prospecting Intensive is delivered via video conference in 1-2 hour sessions per day for eight weeks. Each week, the program will cover a new principle in self-awareness and self-directed change. Participants learn the principle in the beginning of the week and will be asked to put the new concept into practice the rest of the week by incorporating the techniques into their actual work process.

“The reason people don’t develop new habits is simply that they don’t practice the new skill enough,” says Bell. “The eight-week duration is a platform that gives people the opportunity to learn a new skill, practice it, apply it, refine it, and practice it more. This is how we start creating new neural networks.”

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