News Release: Work of Russ Salzer Highlighted in New Book

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 Work of Russ Salzer Highlighted in New Book

-- Please Lie to Me addresses fear in the workplace --

Oshkosh, Wis. (July 2019) – The work of Russ Salzer, Owner of sales training and technology company, 3YG, has been highlighted in a recently-released business book titled, Please Lie to Me, by Thompson Barton and Don White. The book addresses how people’s individual fears impact the workplace and offers an alternative approach to interpersonal relationships that creates collective, genuine, and sustainable accountability. 

 “’Please Lie to Me’” is a reference to the lies we accept from those we work with, in order to maintain the status quo and avoid honest feedback, which we may not like,” says Russ Salzer, Owner of 3YG. “Unfortunately, this is also what keeps us from achieving higher levels of personal success and, ultimately, improved business results.”

The alternative is work relationships built on awareness, openness and accountability, according to Salzer, and is based on the work of psychologist, Will Schutz, creator of The Human Element® and FIRO theory aimed at maximizing the potential of your people. Salzer became a licensed practitioner of The Human Element (THE) in 1994 and has completed many training sessions with Barton and White. He has been applying the techniques in many senior management roles for more than 20 years. Two of those experiences are highlighted in the book. In both cases, one as a General Manager for James River Corporation and one as Director of Operations and Engineering for Peninsula Light Company, Salzer’s use of the techniques resulted in significant performance turnarounds.

“I have brought the work of Thomy, Don and The Human Element to every job I have held. It has led to relationships that I truly cherish, while achieving amazing results,” says Salzer. “Quantifiable and impactful change in the area of financial performance, sales, product development, safety, compliance, hiring, positioning companies for sale, acquiring and integrating new entities, building new locations and even closing some locations along the way. All achieved and handled in an almost effortless fashion as a result of how we dealt with each other.”

The sales field especially is rife for judgments and acceptable lies that we not only allow ourselves to tell customers and the lies we accept in return, but also the lies we tell ourselves, according to Salzer.

 “Not only do we expect and accept lies from co-workers, we create a similar dynamic in our relationships with prospects and customers. For example we might pretend to our manager that we have significant prospects in the sales pipeline … and customers might pretend they interested in your products or services.”

Salzer and Judith Bell, of Rewire Leadership Institute,  have designed a training program for sales reps and managers, the basis of which are principles of FIRO theory, The Human Element and Accountable Communication; The Prospecting Intensive is an 8-week online course that brings together the unique combination of specifically designed sales personal development training in conjunction with highly effective sales tools and techniques in which participants address their own hidden fears that get in the way of their success in driving new customer acquisition. More information is available at Prospecting Intensive.

“In my experience, the most effective and direct way to drive revenue growth, is to address the individual fears that are behind the behaviors that hinder our success,” says Salzer.

Please Lie to Me can be purchased from Amazon or at the website PleaseLieToMe.

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About Please Lie to Me

Please Lie to Me takes on fear in the workplace by using a New Agreement to replace business as usual. Implementing this New Agreement establishes Accountable Consciousness, which transforms the culture and the business. Please Lie to Me challenges business owners and leaders to take back control of their cultures and organizations. In doing so, employees become fully engaged and the organization will reach currently unattainable heights of effectiveness and productivity.

 About 3YG Sales Training Technology

3YG is a sales training and technology company that develops sales teams using a simple, intuitive process enhanced with a The Board CRM solution. With a focus on revenue growth, the 3YG sales method results in more self-directed individuals and teams with clearly identifiable development opportunities. 3YG’s exclusive The Board CRM technology provides a highly visual tool of both individual and sales team status that allows immediate diagnosis of the sales pipeline, as well as more accurate planning and forecasting.  The sales method used by 3YG has its roots based on the methodology introduced in 1979 by Stephan Schiffman and further developed by Steve Mulch. The company is based in Wisconsin. More information can be found at   


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