News Release: Work of Russ Salzer Highlighted in New Book

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 Work of Russ Salzer Highlighted in New Book

-- Please Lie to Me addresses fear in the workplace --

Oshkosh, Wis. (July 2019) – The work of Russ Salzer, Owner of sales training and technology company, 3YG, has been highlighted in a recently-released business book titled, Please Lie to Me, by Thompson Barton and Don White. The book addresses how people’s individual fears impact the workplace and offers an alternative approach to interpersonal relationships that creates collective, genuine, and sustainable accountability. 

 “’Please Lie to Me’” is a reference to the lies we accept from those we work with, in order to maintain the status quo and avoid honest feedback, which we may not like,” says Russ Salzer, Owner of 3YG. “Unfortunately, this is also what keeps us from achieving higher levels of personal success and, ultimately, improved business results.”

The alternative is work relationships built on awareness, openness and accountability, according to Salzer, and is based on the work of psychologist, Will Schutz, creator of The Human Element® and FIRO theory aimed at maximizing the potential of your people. Salzer became a licensed practitioner of The Human Element (THE) in 1994 and has completed many training sessions with Barton and White. He has been applying the techniques in many senior management roles for more than 20 years. Two of those experiences are highlighted in the book. In both cases, one as a General Manager for James River Corporation and one as Director of Operations and Engineering for Peninsula Light Company, Salzer’s use of the techniques resulted in significant performance turnarounds.

“I have brought the work of Thomy, Don and The Human Element to every job I have held. It has led to relationships that I truly cherish, while achieving amazing results,” says Salzer. “Quantifiable and impactful change in the area of financial performance, sales, product development, safety, compliance, hiring, positioning companies for sale, acquiring and integrating new entities, building new locations and even closing some locations along the way. All achieved and handled in an almost effortless fashion as a result of how we dealt with each other.”

The sales field especially is rife for judgments and acceptable lies that we not only allow ourselves to tell customers and the lies we accept in return, but also the lies we tell ourselves, according to Salzer.

 “Not only do we expect and accept lies from co-workers, we create a similar dynamic in our relationships with prospects and customers. For example we might pretend to our manager that we have significant prospects in the sales pipeline … and customers might pretend they interested in your products or services.”

Salzer and Judith Bell, of Rewire Leadership Institute,  have designed a training program for sales reps and managers, the basis of which are principles of FIRO theory, The Human Element and Accountable Communication; The Prospecting Intensive is an 8-week online course that brings together the unique combination of specifically designed sales personal development training in conjunction with highly effective sales tools and techniques in which participants address their own hidden fears that get in the way of their success in driving new customer acquisition. More information is available at Prospecting Intensive.

“In my experience, the most effective and direct way to drive revenue growth, is to address the individual fears that are behind the behaviors that hinder our success,” says Salzer.

Please Lie to Me can be purchased from Amazon or at the website PleaseLieToMe.

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About Please Lie to Me

Please Lie to Me takes on fear in the workplace by using a New Agreement to replace business as usual. Implementing this New Agreement establishes Accountable Consciousness, which transforms the culture and the business. Please Lie to Me challenges business owners and leaders to take back control of their cultures and organizations. In doing so, employees become fully engaged and the organization will reach currently unattainable heights of effectiveness and productivity.

 About 3YG Sales Training Technology

3YG is a sales training and technology company that develops sales teams using a simple, intuitive process enhanced with a The Board CRM solution. With a focus on revenue growth, the 3YG sales method results in more self-directed individuals and teams with clearly identifiable development opportunities. 3YG’s exclusive The Board CRM technology provides a highly visual tool of both individual and sales team status that allows immediate diagnosis of the sales pipeline, as well as more accurate planning and forecasting.  The sales method used by 3YG has its roots based on the methodology introduced in 1979 by Stephan Schiffman and further developed by Steve Mulch. The company is based in Wisconsin. More information can be found at   


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Do You Know if Your Sales Team is Effectively Growing Revenue Before it’s Too Late?

The Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce would like to invite you to join us for a great opportunity!

When we survey Chamber members on topics of interest, one topic consistently makes the top of the list: Business Development and Sales. For most companies, the sales organization is in place for two reasons: 1) optimize existing customer relationships, and 2) develop new business. Generally speaking, most sales people are competent when dealing with existing accounts. However, new business development has always been the tougher challenge.

The Oshkosh Chamber is offering a presentation on Thursday, April 6th that will address this very issue. The presentation will be delivered by Chamber-member Russ Salzer, President of 3YG, who will address the common challenges of creating a predictable and sustainable revenue stream.

Russ did this presentation for our Chamber staff several weeks ago and we are looking forward to bringing this to the broader membership!

Register at or call 920-303-2266. More details below.



3YG Sales Chamber Presentation

Russ & The Coach Part III – My Vision

I try to be a “there are no accidents” kind of person. So over the years I have become a big fan of attempting to create more consciously in all aspects of my life. An important step in that process is creating a personal vision.

By simply creating a picture and story of your life off in the distance, one that you are not yet living but you can feel, can deliver some amazing things. An important step is to not try and figure out how you will get there; question if you will get there; or judge if this will happen or not happen. Just imagine and picture the bliss of the arrival point.  This is about leveraging your own imagination and intuition for guidance. It truly is about the journey and an ever-changing vision as you clarify and identify more of what you want.

One of the best things about having Julian as a coach is his reminders that our old, and usually unconscious, operating system is often insufficient in getting us much what we want. So what does that mean? If means that as we go through life, we are impacted by many people, circumstances, family, schools, habits, etc. that may or may not serve us well. This “old operating system” results in creating beliefs we subscribe to that are, far too often, very limiting. Another way to look at this is “we conform” to how we think we are “supposed to be”. Far too often, our old operating system can not only prevent us from experiencing joy, but can also result in a fair amount of unnecessary suffering.

Those limits often become beliefs that we cannot do something.

Creating a vision not only allows one to side-step your unconscious limiting beliefs, but will most likely result in setting the tone for a new way of thought and a path to greater satisfaction.                                    

As I sat down to update my vision last year, which was at a point 10 years in the future, my intention was to start my own sales training & technology business. The vision that flowed forth was flush with detail. My new business would create amazing amounts of joy, allow for tons of personal creativity, provide opportunities to create and combine the many things I had learned over the years, allow for collaboration with many great people, help businesses and individuals get a handle on one of the things that had plagued me in every business I had worked in - sales, and provide personal financial freedom.

More than ever before, everything in my vision (life) was interconnected: home, work, relationships, my kids, and my time. No work / life silos. Could this be the beginning of finding true work/life balance?

The foundation for me getting more of what I want was set in motion, and the foundation for my coaching relationship with Julian was set.

While I don’t read my vision in detail very often; because it is part of me, remembering the essence of it is pretty easy.   Like in business, tracking and action towards something is vitally important, and the same is true for your vision. Gauging your actions against it is not only critical, but can be comforting. A quick end of day, “Am I in momentum?” is all that is necessary.

Julian asks me often, “Are you in momentum?” Momentum as in positive movement towards what I want. It’s a simple introspective question that can be asked at any point in time, whether as a check of past or future actions, meetings, customer interaction, phone calls, etc. For me momentum feels like things are effortless, fun, energizing, and absent of worrisome thoughts or self-criticism. It’s those times when I am training a sales team and words just flow from an inspired place; those times when it is hard to even remember what I said! 

Creating and focusing on my vision feels like the ultimate life compass. A security blanket that comforts. A mechanism for immediate feedback. And a truly empowered path for creating a life of fulfillment. 


Russ Salzer is an accomplished business leader with over 25 years of expertise in building marketing, sales and operational teams, revitalizing infrastructure, developing and executing strategic plans, and driving businesses to greater levels of profitability. Russ’ knowledge of the interdependency of people on business results, combined with his ability to dramatically improve interpersonal relationships and develop teams, creates a competitive advantage that delivers rapid and sustainable results. His approach to success through even the most extraordinary challenges, has been to ensure the workplace is accountable, open and honest. He is currently on a mission to help businesses effectively support their marketing and sales teams in consistently growing top-line revenue with a proven and methodical training and technology process through 3YG Sales Training Technology. Contact Russ at

Julian Cohen has more than two decades of experience in Executive Coaching. He is acknowledged for his skill in facilitating the expeditious realization of extraordinary results. His expertise includes coaching CEO's, Fortune 500 company senior managers, and prominent professionals. He attended New York University School of Commerce, with a major in Banking and Finance and holds a law degree from Brooklyn Law School. His professional experience includes the creation of a $60 million dollar investment portfolio and an entrepreneurial role in developing three innovative companies widely known within their industries. The depth and breadth of his community involvement extends over a 40-year span and currently involves voluntary work with international and locally known organizations. Contact Julian at