Inner Sales 11: A Tale of Two Prospectors

Jon and Russ are joined by Mike Gehm of Services Plus and Will Robinson of Foresite Benefits to talk about their experince as sales prospectors.

Mike Gehm   Services Plus

Mike Gehm
Services Plus

Twenty years experience in sales, marketing and sales management. I have been in and around business to business sales in Wisconsin my entire career, what I enjoy most is finding out where my customer truly wants to go and developing creative and effective ways to help them get there. Working with people has always been important and valuable in my career, I enjoy a challenge and excel when having an opportunity to show my talents in all areas of my life.

Will Robinson   Forsite Benefits

Will Robinson
Forsite Benefits

High performing sales professional with outstanding record of driving consistent sales and revenue performance. Recognized for strong talent in developing new business and leading teams to greater levels of profitability. Well-connected and well respected with proven ability to develop and manage key relationships with high level decision makers across a broad range of clients that include small companies and Fortune 500 corporations. Strong strategic planning, decision making, and solution identification skills. Extensive exposure to and interest in numerous industries including manufacturing, automation, capital equipment, welding, fabrication, engineering, and CNC machining.”

Subjects include:

  • Their experience with sales training
  • What does it take to be good in sales
  • Prospecting in general
  • Prospecting support
  • Blocking time for prospecting
  • Technology they use for prospecting

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Hosts: Jon Stanis (Twitter, LinkedIn), Russ Salzer (Twitter, LinkedIn)

Guests: Mike Gehm (LinkedIn), Will Robinson (LinkedIn)