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Prospecting Intensive™ Training!

The system is spot on. I was looking for a program that would enhance, polish and upgrade our sales skills, our focus; all of the things that are critical to driving us to our numbers.
— Matt Mitchell, Vice President of Sales, Print - LexisNexis

Up to 80% of sales professionals do not achieve year-over-year growth. Many companies turn to CRMs to address these gaps. But most CRMs have it backwards. A CRM that places a technical solution on top of an ineffective sales process will not drive improvement … and certainly will not drive revenue.

Empower Your Team to Succeed

Sales teams prosper when working within a framework that uses training, process and technology to empower each individual to succeed. 3YG offers a powerful combination of tools to change your sales culture at its core.


Technology Should Enhance the Sales Process, Not Drive It

Determine within seconds if an individual sales representative or team is on target, above target, or below target and will provide clear insight and to actions to take to becoming more effective. More importantly, develop a more self-directed sales force – one that supports a checking-in rather than a “checking up” culture between a sales rep and a sales manager.


Easy to Implement

3YG sales tools do not require implementation teams, internal IT administrators, or super users, external implementation partners or, most importantly, months of time to implement. Our technology solution is so intuitive that users will be up and running on the system after a single day of training. And because our training is straightforward, systematic and accessible, individual users will be able to quickly identify where in the sales pipeline they need to focus their efforts in order to achieve results.


Join Thousands Already Trained!

3YG sales tools are based on the sales method introduced in 1979 by Stephan Schiffman, author of Cold Calling Techniques and Getting to Closed. The approach was further enhanced in 2004 with software developed by Veritas Training Group to support the proven selling techniques. Since its inception, more than 500,000 sales people across 9,000 companies have been trained in this well-tested approach to driving sales and growing revenue. 3YG’s Inner Sales™ program is a proprietary approach to sales training that draws on the work of psychologist Will Schutz and his theory of interpersonal relations and its impact on group dynamics.


A Few of Our Clients

Verizon Wireless
Charles Schwab