Are you and your company interested in more control over your own revenue growth? Have you wondered what it would take to become a better prospector? Could you see yourself looking forward to prospecting with confidence?

The area of professional sales is wrought with huge performance challenges:

  • Over 82% of sales people provide little to no year-over-year revenue growth,

  • The average tenure of a sales rep is ~18 months

  • The average tenure of a sales manager is ~2 years

  • Nearly 50% of sales reps do not use their CRM with any regularly.

  • 95% of sales reps do not actively and regularly grow business from lead to close.

Yet 56% of sales teams’ surveyed said growing number of leads and new customers is their #1 priority.

Growing revenue through leads and new customers is the number one priority for many sales teams. But very few salespeople have the ability, or the experience, to drive sales from an introductory call to a close. To generate leads, your sales team needs to prospect … consistently. Unfortunately, it’s the one task that always drops to the bottom of the to-do list.

It turns out that even the best of intentions – or the best sales training – are still not enough to bring the task of prospecting to the top of the task list and overcome the resistance that is built into our own human nature. To truly understand what is at the core of this challenge, and change it, we have to look under the surface of individual intentions, behaviors and actions.

 The Prospecting Intensive™ works on both unconscious beliefs and conscious behaviors that keep us from making that call, while focusing on the most effective sales behaviors to deliver new customers.

Prospecting Intensive™ format:

  • Training/coaching is embedded into participant’s work-day.

  • Eight week duration to maximize success.

  • 1-2 hours of learning and coaching per session.

  • Work on actual leads identified by participants.

  • Integrate new techniques into your normal workday.

  • Training content delivered via video conference.

  • Develop connections with the other participants to reinforce learning.

  • Follow-up coaching session 30-days after completion to review and reinforce.

Next Session Starts: January 6, 2020

Price: $4,995.00

Limited to 12 Participants