Are you and your company interested in more control over your own revenue growth? Have you wondered what it would take to become a better prospector? Could you see yourself looking forward to prospecting with confidence?

The area of professional sales is wrought with huge performance challenges:

  • Over 82% of sales people provide little to no year-over-year revenue growth,

  • The average tenure of a sales rep is ~18 months

  • The average tenure of a sales manager is ~2 years

  • Nearly 50% of sales reps do not use their CRM with any regularly.

  • 95% of sales reps do not actively and regularly grow business from lead to close.

Yet 56% of sales teams’ surveyed said growing number of leads and new customers is their #1 priority.

Growing revenue through leads and new customers is the number one priority for many sales teams. But very few salespeople have the ability, or the experience, to drive sales from an introductory call to a close. To generate leads, your sales team needs to prospect … consistently. Unfortunately, it’s the one task that always drops to the bottom of the to-do list.

It turns out that even the best of intentions – or the best sales training – are still not enough to bring the task of prospecting to the top of the task list and overcome the resistance that is built into our own human nature. To truly understand what is at the core of this challenge, and change it, we have to look under the surface of individual intentions, behaviors and actions.

 The Prospecting Intensive™ works on both unconscious beliefs and conscious behaviors that keep us from making that call, while focusing on the most effective sales behaviors to deliver new customers.

Prospecting Intensive™ format:

  • Training/coaching is embedded into participant’s work-day.

  • Eight week duration to maximize success.

  • 1-2 hours of learning and coaching per session.

  • Work on actual leads identified by participants.

  • Integrate new techniques into your normal workday.

  • Training content delivered via video conference.

  • Develop connections with the other participants to reinforce learning.

  • Follow-up coaching session 30-days after completion to review and reinforce.

Next Session Starts: January 6, 2020

Price: $4,995.00

Limited to 12 Participants


...a proven sales method supported by an integrated CRM solution for effectively growing revenue.

Most CRM solutions have it backwards. Placing a technical solution on top of an ineffective sales process will not drive improvement, nor will it drive revenue. Prospect Management System offers a sales framework linked to a cloud-based CRM solution that, when used together, will change the way you and your team approach revenue growth.

With an emphasis on Activity AND Effectiveness, Prospect Management System will enable you to better focus and prioritize sales team activity whether you need to run more effective sales meetings, diagnose individual strengths and weaknesses, create strategies for prospect advancement, or provide accurate projections of prospects.

Your team will learn to quickly identify their best prospects; properly balance their selling and prospecting activities; develop, implement and measure their next-step strategies for prospects; and understand the need to prospect on a continual basis. With objective information to determine which prospects are most likely to close, sales reps can better plan and manage their time – and you can easily identify the coaching necessary to develop your team.

Prospect Management System Allows You To:

  • Determine within seconds if you and your team are on/above/below target.
  • Have all important sales ratios and metrics at your fingertips.
  • Focus on the five ways to grow revenue.
  • Forecast sales more reliably.
  • Instantly coach sales behaviors and empower your team to win.
  • Have a single repository of all prospects so you can quickly recover from sales turnover.
  • Benefit from a high ROI compared to traditional CRM and sales training.
  • Report more effectively to senior management.
  • Distinguish between sales activity that is effective and ineffective.
  • Find the proper balance between prospecting vs. selling activities.
  • Identify the six “sales killers” that are disguised as sales activity.

Live Classroom Training

  • Full day workshop for managers and sales people.
  • Highly customized for your business.
  • Interactive format to create a high level of engagement.
  • Pre-workshop session for managers.
  • Post-workshop session to sustain results.
  • Live training provides optimal training experience.
  • "Go Live" during the training.
“We are 30% ahead of where we were last year at the same time, in essentially the same market conditions. What are my guys doing differently than before? They are doing a much better job of qualifying the customer, asking the tough questions and either finding out what it will take to win, winning or understanding they can’t win and maximizing their time. It’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks, but I think you did just that and the results speak for themselves.”
— Bob Flynn, District Manager Verizon

 .... the system helps you visualize your sales flow to know where you are, where your going, and help you fix issues before it is too late. 

What I find so appealing about the system is first of all, it works–that’s the most important thing! Most of us in leadership positions have tried a number of things over the years and this system is so intuitive and simple to use. It just makes sense.”
— Steve Schifman, CEO, Michelman Chemical


  • Diagnose performance in seconds.

  • Intuitive & easy to use.

  • Prospect Management, Forecasting, Ratio & Sales Cycles, Lead Source Tracking and more.

  • Focus on the five ways to grow revenue.

  • Forecast sales far more reliably.

  • Single repository of all prospects so you can quickly recover from sales turnover.

  • Benefit from a high ROI compared to traditional CRM and sales training.

  • Report more effectively to senior management.

  • Stand-alone or integrate with your current technology.

....the most important part of the sales process; getting in front of your prospects. 

The Appointment Setting workshop will enable your company to utilize proven methods for generating leads, overcome the massive fear of call reluctance, capitalize upon referrals, and secure more appointments with decision makers.

You will develop a complete appointment making approach as well as effective strategies for anticipating responses and handling issues in order to improve their team's closing ratios and goals.

Associates will create their own individual approach for qualifying and appointment setting, build key skills necessary in generating new business, and practice these newfound skills through phone coach role-playing to ensure successful application.

Introduction to Appointment Setting: 

  • Understand the Appointment MakingTechniques™ model
  • Lead Generation
  • Understand and utilize realistic call ratios
  • Learn effective methods of generating leads
  • Identify ways to obtain referrals
  • Review how to penetrate existing accounts
  • Develop approach for setting appointments
  • Introduce “opening” the conversation
  • Anticipating Responses/Handling Turnarounds
  • Review turnarounds of most common objections
  • Understand how to create the “Ledge”
  • Focus on closing the appointment

..fear, judgments and self awareness. The reason most sales never get made.

This one-day training is based on a comprehensive theory of group dynamics developed by Will Schutz, PhD.  The training includes group discussions, verbal and non-verbal exercises, and extensive feedback sessions.  Inner Sales builds team alignment and cohesion by focusing on the individual and the relationships within the group.

As the Harvard School of Business has verified in numerous studies the blocks to achieving success and increased productivity in most organizations are not issues, but rather the relationships between people and an individual’s attitude and intention.  The majority of these relationship issues can be solved in an atmosphere of openness and honesty, free from the traditional and costly defensive behaviors of hidden agendas, denial, turf protection, unconscious sabotage, false projections/deadlines, blaming, etc.

Focuses on creating working relationships based on; deeper openness and trust, reduced blame and defensiveness, in order to solve real sales problems thereby allowing you to accomplish whatever you’re trying to achieve faster and easier.

Related training goals are:

  • Exploring the consequence of an individual’s unconscious intentions and attitudes sales and the workplace.
  • Create a climate for openly and honestly giving and receiving feedback.               
  • Identify and resolve the real blocks to teamwork and individual sales productivity.
  • Realize a new level of sales team commitment, enthusiasm, and support.
  • Increase your skills as a sales leader.
  • Increase awareness of judgments, blame and defensiveness and how it directly impacts morale and trust both on the team and with prospects and customers.


Word cloud from a recent 3YG sales training session in which participants were asked to share their judgments of salespeople – their own profession. Inner Sales Training begins to address these conscious and unconscious beliefs that get in the way of results.

Word cloud from a recent 3YG sales training session in which participants were asked to share their judgments of salespeople – their own profession. Inner Sales Training begins to address these conscious and unconscious beliefs that get in the way of results.

Four Ways of Selling, Four Ways of Buying

Everyone has a guiding philosophy of life. They may not be able to put it into words but it’s there. This philosophy gives them an orientation to life — a special way of looking at the world. Everyone is unique, but despite our diversity, there are only four basic ways of seeing problems, people and situations.

Each of these four perspectives, or orientations, results in a different approach to selling and a different approach to buying.


LIFO® Selling Styles specifically looks at the behavioral preference (what you do), not personality, of the sales representative when dealing with prospects and customers under favorable and unfavorable (stress) conditions. From there, we explore 6 Strategies for ways to work with prospects and customers to address the things that get in the way of being effective.


Life Orientations® Training, LIFO®, is an applied behavioral science system that fosters individual and organizational productivity. It begins by identifying the individual’s basic orientation to life, or personal style. Based on this foundation of self-knowledge, it offers powerful strategies that enable individuals and groups to be more productive in their work and more influential when dealing with key people.

 LIFO® was created by Dr. Stuart Atkins. He developed the program based on a unique synthesis of key concepts from psychoanalysis, self-actualization theory, client centered counseling, group dynamics, and his many years’ experience as a behavioral scientist and organizational consultant. Since its inception, LIFO® Training has benefited more than 9,000,000 people in 20,000 organizations around the world. The LIFO® Method is accepted worldwide because of its universality.

LIFO® Selling Styles Web Training includes:

LIFO® Selling Styles online survey, LIFO® Selling Styles Report, LIFO® Selling Styles Slide Rule, 2+ hour live web training.

LIFO® Selling Styles Web Training

1:1 Training