.... the system helps you visualize your sales flow to know where you are, where your going, and help you fix issues before it is too late. 

What I find so appealing about the system is first of all, it works–that’s the most important thing! Most of us in leadership positions have tried a number of things over the years and this system is so intuitive and simple to use. It just makes sense.”
— Steve Schifman, CEO, Michelman Chemical


  • Diagnose performance in seconds.

  • Intuitive & easy to use.

  • Prospect Management, Forecasting, Ratio & Sales Cycles, Lead Source Tracking and more.

  • Focus on the five ways to grow revenue.

  • Forecast sales far more reliably.

  • Single repository of all prospects so you can quickly recover from sales turnover.

  • Benefit from a high ROI compared to traditional CRM and sales training.

  • Report more effectively to senior management.

  • Stand-alone or integrate with your current technology.